Our goal is not only creation of perfect web solution but solution that will really help you succeed. That is why we always emphasize preparatory phase.
We are very interested in our field of work. We accept new challenges with open mind. We are not afraid to tell you that your task is something new. We grow only by facing the unknown.
We prefer transparent approach and objective discussions against long contract negotiations, communication against anonymous task assignments, informal language against formal language, summer against winter.
Sophisticated solutions are our daily bread. Do you want presentation web with intranet in background or e-magazine connected with CRM? Human fantasy has no boundaries, we welcome new challenges.

Founders of Freely Agency

Jan Nagy
CEO & optimism evangelist
As a Co-founder I work mostly as coordinator, consultant and occasional front-end developer. I think in context and conceptually. In my leisure time you can find me in cinema or running in Prague.
Marek Měchura
CTO & technologies explorer
Co-founder and the tech-brain. He guards the development workflow with his dead body, Coding Standards are his mantra. Development automation is his passion. On other developers he uses beer and stick method. It's working just fine.
Hynek Načeradský
Lead Project Manager
In Freely I take care of smooth support for our clients and project coordination. I enjoy project management thanks to cooperating with clients. In my free time I practise Krav Maga.