4 crucial reasons to keep your web up to date

21. 8. 2017

Website works as a professional presentation of your business and it's perceived a necessity - who is not online, does not exist. Many people just search for the fastest and "smartest" solution without needing to taking care of it any more. That's the reason, why so many websites end up so badly - the originally marvelous website looses its charm, because you can tell no one is maintaining it.

Obsolete websites then loose their visitors (who wants to visit web with the same content again, right?), struggle with technical issues (even without the fault of their own. For example if API of Google Maps changed and API tokes started to be required, many maps failed) and in the most critical time websites face the security issues. Hacking an old non-updated website is fun for many amateur hackers).

This article should server as a warning. There are issues, which are more likely to happen every day you keep your website without any interest. Below I list some risks with possible consequences.

Security issues

We hear a lot from our clients that the security of their website or internal IT system are top priority with software delivery. There isn't a single manager who wants to wake up one day and face the empty homepage or some ransom message. Usually, all you need is just to keep your software up-to-date. It doesn't require every day work, it doesn't cost a fortune. Open-source software (just like Drupal 8) is being checked by a huge amount of people from all over the world. These people are the guardians and security-updates issuers, they protect all of us. 

Legal issues

Hand in hand with developing internet society, the law has had to adapt. There are many rules and laws about behaviour on the internet and/or within your own website. In some cases you are responsible for having hacked website, which spreads harmful content / spam. But there are also regulations, you need to be aware of. The famous "cookie law" or coming-soon GDPR, which will influent all ecommerce websites. It is almost impossible to follow all the latest news, keep yourself up to date. That's when a consultant or a developer company should come to rescue. Let them do their business, it's their job. They will handle it for you.


Technical issues

Technical issues are various bugs or just imperfections, which can appear after a while. For example, you can bump into a "404 Page not found" pages, links to nonfunctional websites or third-parties changes (API communication). It can effect even the core functions on the websites or main purpose of the website, which drags the website to "useless" category. Again - all you can do to fight it is keep your eye on your website, update the components regularly and have someone who can adjust the website, so it's working no matter what comes :-)

Content issues

The last but not least. Content issues are more often hard to outsource. It is absolutely common, that some internal changes come up - you hire new boss, new branch opens, change the contact informations, you have new products and services. And you need to reflect that on your websites. Otherwise it is useless to develop the new product at all. That's why content management systems like Drupal are really handy. You can easily take care of it by ourself. However in some cases the developer touch is inevitable.

Have you noticed that to lower or eliminate the risk of any issue, you must monitor the website? It is not sufficient to create new website and let it be, till the time for a new one comes. Skilled vendor takes over all issues to his responsibility. He'll walk you through the maintenance and most of the tasks do by himself. 

Are having hard time with any of those issues? You don't have enough time to take care of everything? You don't need to worry. Contact us - we'll relieve you from this pain.