Drupal IronCamp 2016: Our review

30. 12. 2016

During cold fall weekend 24th – 27th November we attended Drupal IronCamp. 4 days of series of lectures, sprints, meeting interesting people and little bit partying.

What did we bring out of it? In one word? I would have to go for ardour.

The atmosphere was pleasant; Drupal community is really one of its kind. I haven’t met such a coworking group of professionals yet. And so, still us a new startup company, we are willing to participate more. We have confirmed ourselves that we had chosen the right platform to use to build most of our solutions. That Drupal is cutting-edge powerful tool, which brings the advantages in every project. The development won’t stop. Community is dedicated to not just follow the trends in web developing, but to create them.

And what about the lectures?

As usually, there were more parallel lectures, so unfortunately we didn’t catch all of them live. But the ones we did catch, those were worth it. During many of them, we have discovered new possibilities and solutions, which can be beneficial to our clients. But, even more importantly for us, during many of them, we confirmed ourselves, that the solutions we are delivering are the right ones. The ones who are suggested by top-Drupal-developers. We have proved ourselves, that we take our job seriously and carefully.

To name a few lectures, that we recommend to check, if you are Drupal enthusiast:

  • Keynote Software Management Lessons from 1960’s by Larry Garfield – slides
  • How to create content layouts in Drupal 8 by Josef Dabernig – slides
  • Efficient Development Workflows with Composer by Wolfgang Ziegler – slides
  • Short Twig recipes for Drupalers by Tamás Hajas
  • Automatization in Development and Testing – Withing budget by David Lukac
  • Keynote The Future of Drupal by Michael Schmid

Thanks to organizers and volunteers! And see you next time.