Modern template systems, which allow programmers to make beautiful design quickly and cheaply.
Epic performance – thanks to cache system Drupal 8 can be the heart of the biggest web portals.
Effective deployment made easier with configuration files which make deploy fast and eliminate risk of human error.
API first. In age of modern front-end frameworks and third party application support is API communication crucial for almost every project.

Drupal brings lots of advantages to classic users and managers. Drupal is also loved by developers community. With Drupal, web projects solutions are developed rapidly, effectively and cheaply. These are top five main reasons to use Drupal from developers perspective.


Drupal is CMS system that allows extraordinary amount of work made simpler by „clicking“ trough web interface. This is key perk from user’s perspective, but it makes developers worry about versions and system setup. Some key options are stored in code, but “clicked” options are only stored in database.

Drupal 7 solved this problem using Features module, which was not supposed to do this. Drupal 8 solved this problem with system approach using configuration management, which allows to import and export Drupal options in consistent way. This makes Drupal versioning easily manageable and deployment process quite simpler.


Another key change in Drupal 8 in contrast to older versions is use of Symfony 2 framework. Drupal 8 uses elements which are used in PHP world for several years. For example using services, dependency injection, composer and lot more. This also improved quantity of developers interested in Drupal, because development is no longer „Drupal specific“.

Performance solution

Drupal is on top of CMS pyramid because of its complexity and flexibility.

Drupal community sees opportunities that come with such flexibility and this is why Drupal 8 has a new cache system. New cache API allows to use tags and contexts, which support accurate cache invalidation, so that cache is released only when it is nescessary. Drupal 8 uses cache on every level so cache invalidation invalidates only proper levels.


In todays world are data showed in various forms (web, mobile apps, feeds, exports to social networks), this makes API almost nesccessity. Drupal 8 contains funcionality that allows to create API in core. Combine it with views and you have highly comfortable and quick way to create API with full-blown backend.


Adoption of Symphony 2 caused Twig to become default theme systém. Twig strong points are mostly flexibility and clear arrangement. It has very simple syntax. Learning curve is very steep. Twig compiles templates to php in background so that it doesnt affect performance. Twig also doesnt allow to input php code to template which leads to cleaner and safer code.

This was our top 5. Do you see main advantages of Drupal elsewhere? Contact us via email or Facebook.