We will guide your customer trough your website so that he will contact you
Before every design always comes analysis of target customer segments
We evaluate customer needs during design phase we also make sure that we share relevant informations
We will create website that offers intuitive and fast way to contact you or place order
5 steps of customer that will place order

1) Finding your website

Ways to lure customer on your web can be endless. For example personal contact, off-line advertising in press or TV, PPC campaigns and mainly quality SEO. Quality SEO will provide you with organic visitors from search engines.

Convince your customers to contact you and do business with you.

2) Arrival on website

It must be clear to customer on first glance that he will find what he is looking for on your website. Clearly communicate main communication. If it works customer stays and starts to study your website. If not you have just lost customer or expelled visitors that were not interested in your products at all.

3) Moving around website

Při návrhu struktury webu se vcítíme do role návštěvníka. Analyzujeme relevantnost informací, které při rozhodování potřebuje, a ty důležité mu servírujeme intuitivně do cesty. V každém kroku by uživatel měl mít možnost s vámi interagovat, minimálně pomocí odkazu na kontakt. Nezapomínáme na to, že homepage nemusí být vždy první stránka, kterou návštěvník spatří.

4) Configuration of services or products

If customer has to tailor desired product or service it has to be done intuitively. There is nothing worse than scare off person that was willing to spend 130 000 Kč on your website, but your kitchen sink configurator was unusable. There is golden rule: think like your customer not like expert.

Address, engage, keep, repeat.

5) Send order

Final step is also very important. It does not require too much informations from your customer or at least not mandatory information. Do not let your customer search what and where to fill, form must be easy to fill completely. Help him to fill the form with interactive advice.