Thanks to career web you will be able to gain quality and highly motivated employees.
We will make custom made administration. Your HR department will be encouraged to intensively cooperate during design phase.
Career website will create atmosphere, communicate values, emphasize informal part of work environment in your company.
Your most valuable contacts will be stored in one place. You never know when you may find them useful.
Make promo for your organization and fill all free spots with quality and motivated employees

Searching for high quality employees is science. The search for suitable person evolved into search for needle in a haystack. Luckily there is big portfolio of tools that help us with this task. But making yourself visible on job portals, hiring headhunters or recruiting agencies, advertise on Facebook and LinkedIn isnt always enough.

Career web is combination of presentation of your organization and database of offered work positions. During development phase we emphasize in combining these ingredients in such a way that we change visitors to candidates. Candidate can start watching you on social network. This is also big win, because when you post offering it will impact desired group of people.

What can you include in career website

  • Your team with short informations about members can transfer anonymous company into real people
  • Showcasing team building events, christmass parties etc.
  • Company values
  • Description of work benefits and growth opportunities
  • Description of work environment
  • Timeline of standard career growth
  • Your most valuable clients
  • List of organized training, attendance at conferences
  • Trainee programs, internships
  • Feeds from social networks

Forget Generic solutions

Of course that you need to create different impression if your company is creative digital agency that emphasizes free approach and no rules, consulting company searching for senior employees for work with top clients and other like company that builds airplane engines searching for specialized mechanics. That is why we design every career website individually.

Do you need quality people? Gives a call and we will help you!