Do you feel that your current website is not perfect, but you have no idea why?
Do you have inovative or revolutional idea but you dont know what would you have to do to make it reality?
Do you need to write down tender documentation but you do not know which topics it should include?
If you have no idea how to start your project lets grab a cofee together for free – we will help you with these initial struggles.
Good advice is worth board of gold.

Consultancy in web technologies is sometimes perceived as unimportant. Quality advisor can be the wall between project success and failure. Consultant will analyze provided informations and suggest right approach (usually based on his experience). Key point is data collection. This operation can be lengthy but if it is not neglected it can bring valuable information. Consultant will collect various data:

  • Basic information about your company – what does it do, strong and weak sides, company history, internal hierarchy, values
  • Products and services – understanding of web purpose
  • End customers – target audience, who to adress, territories of activity
  • Graphic company identity
  • Connection with other projects - close cooperation with marketing
  • Requirement analysis (for new website)
  • Competition – where to inspire, what competition does wrong
Be prepared that experienced consultant will tell you bad news that what you want is not always what you really need to achieve your primary goals.

What will we do for you?

  • We will help you with identification of core needs
  • Prepare feasibility analysis
  • Highlight risks
  • Suggest additional steps that should not be forgotten
  • Reveal other suggestions to reach your goal
  • Give you advices based on your experience with web development
  • Lead you trough whole web project from beginning to launch
Do you have no idea how to start your project? Contact us and we will give you opportunities and solutions.