We will create custom database of your customers. Keep only relevant information in your storage.
You wont be perplexed by big solution which is hard to use without manual.
We will set workflow the way it suits your needs.
Thanks to connection with presentation website you gain new contacts simply and automatically.
Have overview of your clients their choices and behaviour.

Whether your organisation is B2C or B2B oriented it is always good to know your customers. Old truth says that keeping current customer is a lot more cheaper than contacting new customer who has no idead that you even exist. And that is why you should keep detailed overview of your customers.

Know your customer

Sophisticated CRM can indicate what each customer needs. If your categories and communication records are set properly then you can observe customers behaviour and encourage it in store.

Even in basic client records, contacts and records of communication will tremendously ease training new business / account manager. Informations are becoming transparent in organizations which gives you powerfull tool for evaluation of your success with client contact.

Connect CMS with presentation website

Do you hate switching from one system to another? Thanks to Drupal framework we can create CRM and presentation website with single administration. CRM will of course be accessible only for some user roles, your customer wont know that it even exists. This combination will make your daily work with systems a lot easier.

Biggest advantage is connecting records with customer behaviour on website or even their interaction with website. You can send your offer easily to for example, visitors who were most active in the discussion.

Integrated solutions like this are suitable mostly for smaller and medium size companies which can not allow robust and expensive systems but still want to make work easier and much more effective.