Share documents effectively using web interface.
We will set up custom user groups, their access and notifications.
Categorize documents, sort them, tag them... and easily search for them.
Ability to connect with presentation website creates powefull tool for publishing chosen documents.
Your mother taught you to tidy your room. Make documents from your organization organized.

Do you send all your documents by emails? Or do you have single harddisk where you store everything with high risk of losing your data forever? Its time to move on.

Organize your data

Drupal framework can keep documents organized as well as editors content. Sorting by categories, planned publishing, seting access rights for different groups, tagging, sophisticated search – all these tools will make your everyday job easier. Thanks to using administration from simple browser it wont affect load of your computer and still enable you to access documents from anywhere.

Connect documents with presentation website

Big added values is also option to combine presentation website with locked part with innacessible content. You can prepare system suitable for publication of catalogs, manuals and propagation materials.

If you plan to buy new website and work with documents is hot topic in your company consider way of two birds with one stone. You can save money not only when you buy this product, but also during service. Employees will also be gratefull that they have to use only one system.

Integrated solutions like this are suitable mostly for small and medium companies which can not afford expensive systems but want to make their jobs easier.