We can help you to organize informations and data, which you need to share inside your organization.
Thanks to process analysis we can make sure that your employees have the correct data at the right time.
Why using five different systems? Connect your intranet with your web presentation and control everything from single administration.
We will aim for increase in efectivity and comfort of your employees. Investment that repays!

No matter what is your business, long-term sustainability requires certain system and order. With rising open-source philosophy, there are new tools on market, which enable to implement and integrate Information Systems as easy and cheap as never before. 

Specific examples of use:

  • CRM – client database, project database
  • HR system – employee database, candidates
  • Knowledge base
  • Project Management Tool
  • Ticket system
  • Company intranet
  • Company newsletter, magazine
  • Place for comments, complaints, ideas
  • DMS for document management

There is still big misunderstanding (especially in czech business environment) that implementation of any internal system is neverending project which transforms itself into money blackhole and nightmare for project managers. Luckily these days are over.

effectiveness of everyday work

Main idea of implementing internal system is effectiveness of everyday work. Your employees will be able to focus on the important tasks. Tasks that make you money.

Drupal 8 allows implementation of custom requirements. Thanks to this type of flexibility you can achieve required workflow, manage user roles and authorizations with assigned notifications.

Main added value is using one Drupal installation to connect classic presentation website with internal part which is accessed only by specific users. This integration is performance effective not only because it is developed simultaneously, but also because of easy operation and maintenance. System updates will affect both sections and you dont have to work on multiple parael servers / hostings.

Do you feel that your organization can work more effectively? Lets arrange a meeting with us for free and discuss your options.