Manage large amount of content with ease.
Aprroval, proofreading, planning – we provide solution for evey aspect of editor work.
We can adapt content management system according to your workflow, not the other way around.
Keeping customer and his interaction is our number one priority.
We keep reader engaged in reading content of your website and we ease life for editors by providing the right tools.

automation for efficiency

Content creation is demanding and creative type of work that should not be underestimated. On the contrary it is suitable to support it with the right tools. These tools provide everything needed for making mandatory steps simpler and content author can focus on the core aspect of his work. Quality content is key to success.

We love dealing with massive amounts of content

Content management system verified by biggest market players

There are lot of content management systems (CMS) used by editors. Drupal is one of them and it is one of leaders in this field that is why it is used by variety of top customers like Czech TV, Czech Radio, NASDAQ or TESLA. Drupal allows you to prepare custom system in such a way that it suits  your editors workflow and make your everyday work more productive.

Why is drupal top product in content management?

  • Content categorization, tags
  • Publication planning
  • Content revisions, workflow approval
  • Event notifications
  • Website sections for various content
  • Media related work – simple additions of video, pictures or other media types
  • Connection with various social networks
  • Import and export with third party services
  • User access roles and authorization