We will help you create intuitive portal that is synoptic for your visitors.
We know the rules needed for accessibility of impaired visitors and we also have experiecne with town website.
We make sure that web is properly usable so that every group of visitors will have no problems using your website.
We will ensure that every mandatory rule from Ministry of Interior is abided.
Online communication with citizens is key service and also legal obligation.

Web for towns and villages is very important communication channel between village leadership and its citizens and visitors. Information sharing is not just information obligation for villages but also service for citizens. That is why website should be conceived in such a way that visitors quickly have good grasp of it.

We will design the right structure

There are many variables that have impact on web structure. Before we start to make design of website we need to analyze which informations are important for your village. Village located at mining area will have other priorities in communication than town located at Morava or mountain village at Krkonoše.

Website will be usable and Accessible for impaired citizens

Websites created by us will always be easilly accessible for visitors and always simple to use – they will follow rules set by Ministry of Interior.

We do not forget officials

We know that responsibilities can differ troughout offices. We can help you with preparation of reliable publication process, assign sections to each user or connect end users with opened sections. Book a consultation with us for free and tell us your conception of new website.