We will keep customer on your e-shop and raise your conversion ratio
We will focus on user experience, structure and controls
We will raise average order amount thanks to sophisticated up-selling
We will set up user categories, partnership prices, customer discounts

E-commerce business is rapidly booming in Czech Republic. Competition is relentlessly trying to take higher market share percentages. That is why you have to keep up with latest trends.

We create e-shop based on your target audience. That is what matters most.

Customer behaviour

Knowledge of target audience and its behaviour on website plays key part in company success. We will analyze your products and your competition so we will know what works best specifically for you.

Quality development cheaply using open source

During e-shop development we use ready-made solutions like Magento and Drupal, which are customized to your needs. This will make development faster and cheaper but still maintain high standards of result system.

We will connect you with external systems

Do you have accounting software? Do you have warehouse system? Do you export product prices to several agregation portals or to your partners? Do you need to refresh exchange rates daily according to CNB? Whatever you want, we will analyze it and provide solution for required communication. You never have to re-write products manually.