Dobrovolník mobil


Client had long time problems with old portal and needed new solution. Structure was confusing for many customers and confusing work with database for administrators was lengthy. Biggest issue was missing support from responsive behaviour. Portal in such state stopped being viable, which manifested in visitors behaviour.

We have introduced best possible solution for HESTIA company – build portal from scratch on CMS Drupal 7. - stará verze - wireframe


Old proverb says „measure twice, cut once“. This rule was esential in building this web project.

Project was challenge especially from analytical point of view, because we had to map out every process that exists on this kind of portal. Users are sorted into several user roles and their authorizations differ significantly. Content is subjected to acceptance and editing workflow as it usually is with similiar portals. Largest part was moving the original opportunities to new system and also system for new opportunities.


Analysis of current state and desired state showed that the most effective way would be creation of custom portal. We have started our work by creating wireframes and graphic designs. We have cooperated extensively with client to meet requirements of simplicity.

We have designed user administration separated from master accounts. Important navigation element of website is search – fulltext accessible everywhere and also filtration using criteria on several guideposts like opportunities, news and organizations. It became easier to find the right opportunity for volunteers and to create one for organizations than ever before. - seznam příležitostí - nová homepage


Portal was sucessfully launched on autumn of 2016. Portal grows rapidly since launch and activity of organizations and volunteers makes us happy.

Work on is not done yet. During development we have come up with some ideas that could possibly develop this portal even more. Like volunteering itself web extensions are also neverending story.