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Introduction - Supplier issue

The association of Toulovcovy maštale municipalities has asked our services when they had an old untreated web site and a lack of communication with the supplier. Old site did not reflect site hierarchy requests. That's why we decided to drop the old site and start developing a new customized portal on the Drupal 8 content management system.

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Research - Czechs like excursions

As usual, we have conducted an analysis of both tourist portals and portal target groups for this project. As a result of the research, we have designed a structure with people from the Association that provides quick access to information both to first-time visitors (the Tourist Destinations section) and to visitors looking for more detailed information.


Design – photos rule the web

It would be a sin not to exploit the potential of eye-catching photographs of a beautiful tourist area to its presentation. Therefore, each section is presented with a strong photographic background. The second significant element is the signposts that take the form of real ones that you will encounter on the road to the countryside.


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Result – wave of new tourists

Web presentation of the Toulovcovy Maštale Nature Reserve attracts international visitors to wonderful excursions, where you can relax from your everyday worries. Multilingual web even allows foreigners to discover this beautiful area in East Bohemia.