Město Proseč mobil

Intro – old website

Old website of Proseč were still functional but they lacked responsive behaviour which is big obstacle for users. Old website also relied on significant graphic differentiation of each section, which started to feel noncompact.

stary web Prosec
Město Proseč - wireframe

Analysis – priorities, mandatory information

During first phase we have focused on importance of each section. After almost six years of run of previous system we could identificate priorities which we used to create structure of new website. We did not forget even mandatory informations and rules for visually impaired users.


The objective of city council was simplification of structure, creation of cleaner design and complete deletion of unused sections. That is why we choose design that not only meets information obligations but also meets high standards of graphic perception. Web creates unorthodox design using curves.

Město Proseč - Nová homepage
Město Proseč - GT Metrix


Result is fully responsive website of town, which is powered by Drupal 8. That is how we ensured simple work with content to users and accessible informations for visitors from any device.